Thin Lizzy | Thin Lizzy (LP)

Thin Lizzy | Thin Lizzy (LP)

€ 22,99

    Thin Lizzy | Thin Lizzy (LP)

    The bands debut album released in 1971 was produced by Nick Taber in Dublin – it was originally released on the Decca label.

    This vinyl reissue is on 180gm vinyl (with download code) with replica artwork


    Side A

    1. The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle
    2. Honesty Is No Excuse
    3. Diddy Levine
    4. Ray-Gun
    5. Look What The Wind Blew In

    Side B

    1. Eire
    2. Return Of The Farmer's Son
    3. Clifton Grange Hotel
    4. Saga Of The Ageing Orphan
    5. Remembering Part 1

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