UB40 | Signing Off (2LP/Coloured Vinyl)

UB40 | Signing Off (2LP/Coloured Vinyl)

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    UB40 | Signing Off (2LP/Coloured Vinyl)

    Release Datum: 12 Maart 2021


    Signing Off is the debut album by British reggae band UB40, released in 1980. It was an immediate success in their home country, reaching number 2 on the UK albums chart, and made UB40 one of the many popular reggae bands in Britain, several years before the band found international fame.

    The politically-concerned lyrics struck a chord in a country with widespread public divisions over high unemployment, the policies of the recently elected Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher, and the rise of the racist National Front party. The record's dub  influenced rhythms reflected the late 1970s influence in British pop music of West Indian music, particularly reggae and ska.

    This release is pressed on limited red vinyl and exclusively to this shop!


    LP 1 - SIDE A

    1. Tyler
    2. King
    3. 12 Bar
    4. Burden of Shame

    LP 1 - SIDE B

    1. Adella
    2. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
    3. 25%
    4. Food For Thought
    5. Little By Little
    6. Signing Off

    LP 2 - SIDE C

    1. Madam Medusa

    LP 2 - SIDE D

    1. Strange Fruit
    2. Reefer Madness

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